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Chub the Movie: Bullying MUST STOP!!!

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Sammy has long been directing films, documentaries and commercials. As a loving and caring Dad, he has been inspired to help others with his talents. His latest project explores the topic of Bullying, which is rampant in our society.


Bullying impacts the lives of many and can bring disastrous consequences if it is not stopped. I asked Sammy for some insights about his project.

“CHUB is an inspiring short film about a bullied kid who finally finds the strength to stand up for himself and get his stolen bike back. It’s a story about an unlikely friendship, compassion and courage. It’s a story about one boy in the American school system, but at the core, this film is a testament to the fact that even if we feel powerless, we have the power to transform our way of being in the world. It often starts with one person.

We believe that putting a stop to bullying is a mission rooted in common experience. Everyone can relate to feeling powerless over a situation at some point in life. Everyone working on the film definitely has, and we’ve shared our stories. For young kids who are trying to figure out their place in the world, every day can feel like survival. It’s interesting to note that every bully has also felt powerless over some situation in his or her life. They perpetuate the cycle by projecting this powerlessness onto someone else. Very often prey can become predator.

CHUB is about healing this cycle. Our character, Chub does not attack his bully or retaliate against him by getting even, which would just feed this vicious cycle. Chub does something that has much more of an impact: he stays true to himself. In the end, this is much more admirable and empowering than any bully’s attempt to impose control over him. Chub triumphs by being his most courageous, brilliant self… and we all have the power to do that!”

Bullying extends far beyond the schoolhouse doors. In today’s technologically advanced and hyper-connected society, the harassment continues at home through cyber bullying and text. A single vicious Facebook post or pic can go viral and destroy a kid’s reputation (like our character, Steph) in a matter of minutes. For a kid who is being targeted, it’s virtually impossible to escape the terror without further ostracizing oneself.

Sam and his friends are crowd-funding through Indiegogo. You can support the cause visiting

Join our “STOP BULLYING GROUP” in our New Community here: